It’s a marketing campaign of frustration

the boss Boris Arencibia He spoke in regards to the current accusations towards the influencer often called Ultrack, who claimed he was attacked in a Miami restaurant by the producer.

“This was a transparent marketing campaign of frustration, an accusation towards me and lots of threats, and this isn’t what these folks declare,” the person wrote on social media after placing himself on the heart of an argument with the Turks who accused him. And Lenir Mesa attacked him and his spouse at a restaurant in Miami.

The Cuban producer who offered himself as Organizer of the Santa Maria Music PageantHe demanded proof of the costs towards him, after weeks and months of threats and insults to his household, as he put it on social media.

He defended himself, saying: “Those that accuse and insult are those who create issues out of business concepts, and my political place has all the time been clear.”

“All of the proof will come out and the legal professionals are prepared, however I need to make it clear that I’ve all the time mentioned it and I repeat that I’ll proceed to battle for the freedoms of Cubans, and for my approach of seeing.” “The way in which we battle right here in Miami, we predict or suppose now we have to alter the best way we battle,” he mentioned.

In his account, they’d prompted “injury” to his household and picture, “simply by supporting a competition.”

“They’re those who are not looking for democracy, it’s with them and the way they need it to be, if they don’t accuse you and demoralize you, because of the various who assist me and lots of others, this battle is for the unity of the nation.” Cubans and created I’m strolling by way of the modifications, I’m not advocating communism, I’m advocating love and unity and I imagine I’ve all the time been clear.”

His protection takes place in context Confrontation with UltrackAs a result of he mentioned that El Boris and Lenier attacked him and two different males, considered one of whom was his bodyguard.

Later, the YouTuber mentioned he accused them in entrance of the authorities: “I order the police, report this and go to court docket.”

For his half, Chocolate got here out in protection of Lenier and his supervisor, and confirmed that if he had been there, he would have hit the influencer as nicely.